Saturday, April 9, 2011

Might as well take advice from Oprah

Went to the church of Oprah Winfrey last night. Unintentionally. I was flipping stations and landed upon OWN, Oprah’s new network. The show that was on was Oprah Presents Master Class, which is essentially head shots of Oprah giving advice and talking about her life and the God she believes in.

It was mesmerizing except for the fact that there seemed to be five minutes of content, six minutes of commercials, five minutes of content. You get the idea.

Oprah says she got her start in radio where they offered her a job after hearing her read some news copy (the disc jockey, she was visiting offered to tape her reading so she could hear how she sounded). The next thing she new there were a number of executives in the room offering her a job.

Well the rest is history as they say. But the message she conveyed over and over was that the reason she has had so many successes is that she stayed true to herself. She told an amusing story about how initially she tried to be Barbara Walters, but then she realized she wasn’t happy and that only Barbara could be Barbara. Once she figured that out, the floodgates opened and it was the beginning of the empire.
She very honestly admits that she was the best she could possibly be at everything she did. And no matter what, no matter how much pressure she got from other people, she stayed true to her core beliefs. One piece of advice she imparted was be the very best at what you do; she said if you’re the person that makes French fries at a diner, make the best French fries and people will notice. Simple huh?

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