Monday, August 30, 2010

Lovin' former CreCommers

First day back at school for CreCommers. Great to see grads Adam Toy and Andrea Collins (Curve) volunteering for a bit on 92.9 KICK FM!

The first day back at college after a rejuvenating summer is always exciting. Sure, the night before everybody feels like they don't want to return, but once they're's not that bad. Really.

This morning in orientation I looked out at the sea of faces - some smiling, some frowning and some yawning........and wondered if they have any idea right now about how much they're going to learn this year and how fortunate and grateful they're going to feel one year from now when they've graduated and moved on to their first job in their chosen industry.

The first couple of days can be a little overwhelming........schedules, outlines, demands..........but the dust will settle, the routine will begin and most will cope. And a year from now, as grads head off to work they'll think fondly of their time in CreComm.